Four Forest Restoration Initiative



4FRI Boundary Map

4FRI Map/History

Map of the 4FRI area showing the extent of the Wallow Fire and R-C Fire; created July 2011

CFLRP proposal maps -- Maps created to accompany the 4FRI Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program proposal; May 2010

Analysis area map for first Environmental Impact Statement -- Produced by NAU-ForestERA; April 2010

Ponderosa pine-dominated areas -- Approximately 2.4 million acres of ponderosa pine-dominated areas exist across the 4FRI analysis area.  Data development by NAU-ForestERA; Jan. 27, 2010

Overview of 4FRI area -- Overview of the 4FRI area with administrative boundaries, counties and roads.  Produced by NAU-ForestERA; Jan. 26, 2010

Past landscape assessments -- Past collaborative landscape assessments within the 4FRI area.  Produced by NAU-ForestERA; Jan. 26, 2010 

Fire hazard and basal area -- Predicted fire hazard across the 4FRI area.  Includes map of the basal area distribution of all forest types across the area.  Produced by NAU-ForestERA; Jan. 26, 2010

Prioritization map -- Priority map identifying areas in need of management attention.  Produced by NAU-ForestERA during the Western Mogollon Plateau Adaptive Landscape Assessment - WMPALA; Created in 2005

Latest News

April 2, Preview of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Four Forest Restoration Initiative
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